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Two major Broome County political primary races too close to call

BROOME COUNTY (WBNG) – Call it a nail biter. Maybe even a photo finish. Two primary races that are just too close to call.

24 hours after the polls closed and there’s no official winner in either the republican primary race for Broome County District Attorney or the democratic primary for mayor of Endicott.

“We’ve got over 600 votes that we know of outstanding,” said Oliver Blaise, the Republican Elections Commissioner for Broome County when asked about the highly-contentious race for Broome County D.A. “There’s are actually going to be more than that,” he went on to say. “It’s actually too close too call at this point.”

With 137 votes separating Defense Attorney Paul Battisti and Chief Assistant District Attorney Michael Korchak, the race is down to the wire.

With the race too close to call, Battisiti is still in it to win it with more than 600 absentee ballots that still have to be counted and they expect even more.

Chief Assistant D.A. Korchak has keep quiet after a flip flop in the numbers after the initial results came out Tuesday night.

Just days before the primary, Korchak told 12 News, “We’ve been campaigning since January and the Broome County voters will have a clear choice on Tuesday.”

In addition to the absentee ballots, there are a number of affidavit ballots for voters who couldn’t fill out a regular ballot at the polls.

“Those that are valid will be counted along with actual ballots on July 8th,” Blaise told 12 News.

As for the other tight race in Broome County, Cheryl Chapman leads the way among the democrats in the race for Endicott mayor. 17 votes separate Chapman from Larry Coppola.

“I’m feeling pretty good , am happy,” Chapman said. “I think the voters have spoken and I hope the absentee ballots will come out the same as the votes have come.”

We’re told 89 absentee ballots were sent out for the Endicott mayoral race.

We expect all votes to be counted by July 8th.

Voters will return to the polls on November 5th for the general election.

Paul Mueller

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