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Keeping your pets safe this Fourth of July

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Broome County Humane Society is encouraging all pet owners to take extra precaution in keeping their pets safe this Fourth of July.

“It’s not uncommon to have an increase in phone calls and inquires about dogs that have gone lost during the Fourth of July. Usually the next day we’ll have an abnormal amount of calls,” said Broome County Humane Society Manager, Amberly Ondria.

The Humane Society recommends that pet owners make sure their animals are safe and secure before heading out to see the fireworks. All windows and doors should be closed because dogs have a “fight or flight” instinct and will run at the sound of fireworks.

They also recommend toys like Kong, that can be filled with treats to distract animals from the loud noises.

“If you’re worried about your dog becoming overly anxious, simply melatonin is good,” said Ondria.

The Humane Society would like to remind pet owners though that not all animals react the same to firework sounds.

“If your dog seeks comfort with you, it’s not a bad thing to be able to be there for them, let them know it’s okay. Some dogs just want to be left alone under the bed,” said Ondria.

If your pet does manage to escape, the Humane Society says owners should know which municipality the animal will go to if it is picked up as a stray by dog control.

Katie Jones

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