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Kids on Track is keeping children in shape

VESTAL (WBNG) — The Vestal Coal House has partnered with UHS for a summer program to keep children physically active during the summer.

The program allows children to work with trainers and practice exercises as well as run long distances. As a reward, children receive different charms for every running milestone they reach.

Trainers of the program say it’s a chance to push children to their full physical potential.

“I get to go one on one with kids. Whichever kids that day are struggling, and I just work with them through whatever workout we’re doing. Maybe you did a mile this week, you’re going a mile and a half, let’s get you through this,” said Matthew Gawors, a coach with Confluence Running that trains with children who participate in Kids on Track.

The program also encourages parents to participate with their children and exercise together as a family activity.

To find out more information on upcoming Kids on Track sessions, visit the Vestal Coal House website.

Katie Jones

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