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Brindisi shares plans for stalled 9/11 compensation fund

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Congressman Anthony Brindisi says he has big plans for the 9/11 Victims’ Compensation Fund.

Monday, Brindisi visited with first-responders in Broome County to announce his plan. Brindisi says he plans to bring the bill to the floor of Congress.

While the bill has gained bipartisan support, it is currently stalled.

If all goes as planned, Brindisi will be helping the bill be passed by the end of July.

The responders expressed their understanding about the importance of the bill. Something the congressman acknowledged.

“I think we have to get this bill passed immediately. We don’t want to come to a point where we’re in September approaching the anniversary of 9/11 and we don’t have this bill adopted. We have to give certainty to these families that we’re there for them, and we have to say thank you for the service they gave to our country,” said Brindisi.

The 9/11 Victims’ Compensation Fund was originally passed shortly after 9/11, but the bill seeks to permanently authorize the fund.


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