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Southern Tier Tuesdays: KIND Program

The KIND Program is the first July grant recipient in the Southern Tier Tuesday campaign.

The KIND Program was launched in the spring of 2016 after organizers realized there were no existing locaal community programs that helped provide diapers, wipes, creams, cornstarch, shampoo and body wash to area families in-need.

The program was established to provide stop-gap support to families until they are able to purchase diapers. Families in poverty are faced with a dilemma – whether to buy food for the family or diapers, which are not covered by food stamps or WIC. Children suffer when clean diapers, diaper creams, and wipes and related essentials are not available when needed. For those families assisted by the KIND Program, there is improved health and comfort for the baby, and peace of mind for the family.

The volunteer team enjoys establishing positive relationships with the families. The impact of the program activities within the community has been immediate and significant to the families the program have served. Through publicity efforts and word-of-mouth, ever-increasing numbers of needy families are coming to KIND for support.

The grant from Upstate Shredding will enable the program to better serve the increasing number of families in-need, to increase the number of items we are able to provide per family and to increase our hours of operation. This grant will have a direct and profound effect on the lives of our area’s families.

All of the funding will be used to purchase supplies that directly benefit the least of those able to help themselves – needy infants and children.

The KIND Program is open the last Saturday of every month, by appointment.
This is at the First Baptist Owego. If you want to make an appointment or learn more about the program you can click here or call (607) 687-4394.

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