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Brand new addition to the Binghamton police department

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — A new addition to the Binghamton police department rolled into Broome County Tuesday.

An armored rescue vehicle that is designed to handle the most dangerous and life-threatening situations is being added to the Binghamton police force.

State Senator Fred Akshar and Mayor Rich David introduced the new armored police rescue vehicle as a major crime fighting and life saving tool for Binghamton’s Metro SWAT team.

The rescue vehicles will be used for hostage situations, emergency treatment for officers or civilians, high risk warrant raids, and can also be used for emergency weather situations like flooding.

“An armored police rescue vehicle greatly increases both the capabilities of our SWAT team and the safety of officers responding to dangerous situations,” said Mayor Richard David.

State Senator Akshar helped to get a grant of $275,000 to get this vehicle on the road.

Mayor David said, “Officer safety is paramount, and Senator Akshar has made clear his commitment to our men and women in uniform. He has been there time and again for the Binghamton Police Department, providing funding to directly support officers as they protect and serve residents.”

Previously, the Metro SWAT Team used a former bread delivery truck for a rescue vehicle and transport.

These rescue vehicles stand as an improvement to police proceedings as well as an improvement in public safety precautions.

“Today’s announcement comes down to safety, plain and simple,” said State Senator Fred Akshar. “Our men and women of law-enforcement selflessly put their lives on the line every day to make our community safer. They’re the first to put themselves in danger, and it’s incumbent that we make sure they have the right tools they need to keep our community’s civilians and our police officers safe from harm.


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