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Inside RumbleTown – Mickey Jannis

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — This week Inside RumbleTown, 12 Sports Reporter Jacob Seus chats with the Rumble Ponies pitcher who recently set a franchise mark for the most wins in Rumble Ponies history, Mickey Jannis.

On setting a franchise record:

“I’ve just been here a very long time, you know it’s just a fun record to have, I’ve had a lot of success here.”

On what has led to his success:

“Just staying consistent, and pounding the strike zone with my knuckleball and ya know just giving our team a chance to win ya know I have had some very good games this year and just trying to keep it going.”

On how he became a knuckleball pitcher:

“I used to throw it on the side just fooling around and when I was like twelve or thirteen years old I saw a special on Tim Wakefield who was a knuckleball pitcher with the Red Sox and just kind of took his grip and kind of fooled around with it a lot and went out the next day and threw it and it was really good. So I kept throwing it on the side, playing catch the last five or ten throws with my throwing partner and it just kind of developed.”

On go to grip when on the mound with the knuckleball:

“All the guys you mentioned are two finger knuckleball guys but to be honest there is no right or wrong way to do it. As long as you’re taking spin off the ball that’s the bottom line. So I just like to go right above the Rawling sign on the ball, two fingers. It’s not really your knuckles it’s your finger pads and your nail that dig into the ball and hold it firm and thumb right underneath and that is it right there.”

Most important thing to do on the mound in order to execute:

“It’s like any other pitch you have to make sure that you throw it with conviction you don’t want to force it in there you have to keep your wrist stiff that is the biggest thing like any other pitch fastball, curveball you are following through with your wrist whereas with a knuckleball if you see me finish you see my wrist just stay stiff and I’m pushing the ball toward my target.”

Mickey and the rest of the Rumble Ponies will be back in action on Thursday in Portland, Maine after the All-Star break.

Nicole Menner

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