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Families explore space with walk-through exhibit in Marathon

MARATHON, N.Y. (WBNG) — People of all ages had the chance to experience a life-size solar system at a school in Cortland County on Tuesday.

The exhibit at Marathon Central School took participants past planets with their moons.

During the walk-through, people learned about the discovery of each planet and the elements they are made of. Those walking through also dodged asteroids while learning about constellations and comets.

Participants says the program inspires them to learn more about our solar system.

“I’ve found that kids today are so into devices that when they have a hands-on program like this they can really experience it whole body and soul and usually, especially when the room is darker, it’s very awe-inspiring for a lot of kids,” Lindsay Sprague, a presenter, said.

The program was funded by an outreach mini-grant offered by the Finger Lakes Library System (FLLS).


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