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Falling concrete from Binghamton building concerns pedestrians

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — A city landmark in downtown Binghamton has concrete crumbling and falling onto the sidewalk.

There are barriers surrounding the entrance of 95 Court Street, known as the First National Bank building. The barricades are meant to keep pedestrians away from the structure. On the other side of the barriers, there are chunks of building debris on the sidewalk.

“It looks pretty sturdy, so I don’t think they would realize that it would crumble like that,” said William Gerchman, of Binghamton.

“I’m pretty concerned about that. There’s families out here going about their days,” said Stephen Jensen, of Whitney Point.

The Binghamton mayor’s office says the concrete fell from a ledge toward the top of the building.

“It’s scary. You’re not looking up too many times and you get hit by something like that it’s going to kill you. it’s scary, concerning,” said Nick Pace, of Binghamton.

Property manager of the building, Conan Cerretani tells 12 News the concrete fell off on Thursday night.

City officials say Cerretani has applied for permits to start renovations. The permits will also allow for the sidewalk to be closed, as officials use a lift to investigate how the building started to fall apart.

“It alerts everybody to check out their building whether they are the owner or not. Just for public safety,” said Gerchman.

Repairs are expected to be made next week. That’s also when the cause is expected to be determined.

The mayor’s office says nobody has been hurt from the falling concrete.

Annie Flaherty

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