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Heavy rain causes multiple flooded basements in Johnson City

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) – The Southern Tier was rocked by flash flooding Wednesday afternoon. One of the hardest hit areas was Johnson City.

Residents on Grand Avenue say their street was flooded by heavy rainfall. 12 News spoke with a woman named Sue, who lives on that street, says she was getting a Uber ride home when the flooding started.

“We’ve always had rain but I never saw this before, never,” said Sue from Johnson City. “There was just so much water. I mean you could see it. I didn’t know how much, I mean you could see it, when the driver came through, we didn’t know where to stop because it was so much.”

The high water was not just on the street, but in her basement, too.

“You could just see just water coming up and it was so deep that it was mid calf, almost to my knees,” said Sue.

The flooding spread the basements of her next door neighbors as well.

“We lost the furnace, the washer, the dryer, I don’t know what else,” said Bonnie Kacmar from Johnson City. “Every time it rains hard and it doesn’t have time to seep into the ground, it floods. The garage floods, the backyard has water. She has a built in sub-pump in the basement because it floods so much.”

The flooding caused both families to lose valuables.

“It’s frustrating. This is the second furnace we will have to replace. The second washer and dryer we have to replace, We aren’t even considered a flood zone so we can’t even get flood insurance,” said Kacmar.

“I had a few things in the basement and a few things in the garage and I know it’s not savable so it’s going to have to go,” said Sue.

The Johnson City Fire Department was on Grand Avenue to help rid the homes of the water, but residents say the effects will last a while and they are asking the city for help to stop the flooding.

“We are getting it out but it’s going to take time. I don’t understand why we have this problem here. It was bad,” said Sue.

“When it rains that heavy, the sewer drains aren’t big enough to hold all of the water that comes down. It’s been like this for 20-25 years,” said Kacmar.

12 News reached out to the Johnson City Department of Pubic Works to see if there are plans to fix drainage issues on Grand Avenue, of 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. We have not yet heard back.

Tyler Brown

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