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Keep your pets safe during this sizzling heat

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — As sizzling temperatures take over in our area this weekend, the Broome County Humane Society says it’s important not to forget about your four-legged friends.

Shelter Manager Amberly Ondria says, “it’s important because they depend on us.”

Ondria says make sure all animals have access to water and a cool spot to hang out, “this weather is very, very difficult for them especially with the humidity as well.”

When it comes to your feline friends, she says watch out for panting. She explains this behavior can be an early sign of heat stroke. If you see this happening, she advises you get your cat into a cool place with water available.

For dogs, she says watch out for hot ground temperatures. Ondria also explains that if you can’t touch the ground, then it’s too hot for your pet.

She adds dogs that are tip-toeing around when walking is another telltale sign that it’s too hot.

Ondria advises leaving your dog at home instead of taking it in the car to avoid risking heat stroke.

“It really does not take long for the car to become an incubator and just get so hot,” said Ondria.

She also says to watch out for seizures, “sometimes when an animal gets so hot it can induce some seizures and at that point medical attention is needed.”

Overall, Ondria advises keeping an eye out for your pets as they might not always be able to make the safe choice for themselves.

The Broome County Humane Society is currently at maximum capacity with more than 100 animals up for adoption.

If you are able and interested in adopting an animal, you can learn more here.

Julia Gorman

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