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Southern Tier residents doing what they can to beat the heat

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — With blazing temperatures and high humidity expected, most of us have one thing on our mind: staying cool. In Binghamton, many kids look to the spray pad in Columbus Park as a fun cool down option.

“Well they like to play on the spray pad a lot, so we just like to take them outside as much as we can before it gets too hot,” said Columbus Park Summer Fun Camp Organizer Phillamena Villanella.

This area is open to all, even on weekends.

“Yeah the spray pad is open all weekend, all throughout the week. There’s just a sensor button over there you have to push, it’s manual,” said Villanella.

It’s important to remember to stay cool and hydrated this weekend with all of the heat. But if you can, try to have a little bit of fun while doing it.

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Others are looking to more conventional ways.

“My plans are to go to the swimming pool in Whitney Point on Saturday and Sunday I’ll be home under the air conditioner,” said Binghamton resident Kenya Atkins.

For those trying to stay on the dry side, there are several cooling centers open, including the Broome County Library.

“We are, I think, one of the only libraries open on Saturdays in the summer. Libraries are great places because you can come in and hang out all day and we won’t kick you out. It’s open to the public,” said Head of Information Services with the Broome County Library Sherry Kowalski.

Click here to see the list of cooling centers.

However, not all cooling centers are open on the weekend, like the Johnson City Senior Center, so call ahead.
For the places that are, they offer relief for all who need it.

“Absolutely, it feels really good in here and I would recommend it for senior citizens especially, the elderly,” said Atkins.

Damon Matson

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