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$30 million dollar project to revamp nearly entire Binghamton City School District

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Major construction is underway across the Binghamton City School District as a part of what the district says is a roughly $30 million dollar renovation project.

Assistant Superintendent Michael Holly says the project started this summer and will continue over the next two.

The project will touch every school except MacArthur Elementary, which was recently renovated.

This summer the district says there are three hubs of construction, Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School and Binghamton High School.

Holly explains one focus of the construction is upgrading school technology for district-wide use of Chromebooks.

“It’s an infrastructure upgrade to fiber optic networking, improving our wireless access points throughout the building, really just making sure that our students have the best experience they can have,” says Holly.

At BHS, he says we can expect major change in the school’s entrance.

Describing the setup, “a visitor doesn’t just walk into the school, they’ll walk into a vestibule, they’ll check in with our check-in, our greeters, who then will be able to ask them for identification, why are you here, and then they’ll be allowed access into the school.”

This new setup will be the case across the district, focusing not only on security, but also warming up the walk into school, “it’s a very welcoming environment for all of our visitors, students and everybody.”

Holly says the project totals roughly $28 million.

“We’ll receive substantial state aid on the project, and for the local share that would be our responsibly, we used excel funds as well as money from our capital reserve.”

He says the funding had a zero percent increase on the tax levy.

Jefferson Elementary School will be complete by the start of the school year, Franklin Elementary School by November and BHS by the spring.

“We care about our kids, we care about our parents and we really want to make sure that when they come to our schools they have a good experience.”

Holly says Jefferson will also be getting a new gym, BHS a new cafeteria and Franklin a new first floor entirely.

Julia Gorman

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