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Sherburne highway crews focusing on road maintenance over full reconstruction

SHERBURNE (WBNG) — Highway workers in the town of Sherburne are implementing a unique approach to road maintenance deemed more effective.

Highway Superintendent Chase Winton explains over the last few years his crew has implemented a strategic approach to keeping roadways in top shape thanks to program designed by Cornell University.

He says crews work primarily to maintain roads in okay shape, as opposed to projects where roads need to be entirely redone.

“We all know it costs so much to reconstruct a road, if you can maintain them better to avoid the reconstruction, then it’s cheaper in the long run, so you can put that money other places,” says Winton.

He points out one method of road maintenance can be done in a day, whereas a current project to entirely redo a road won’t even be done this summer.

He acknowledges this process can be frustrating for residents living on a road needing reconstruction that have to wait, but says this method is more cost and maintenance effective.

Julia Gorman

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