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Summer camps build unique escape rooms at Discovery Center

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Summer camps come in all types, some more outdoors and sports focused, others more focused on being creative. The weekly summer camps at The Discovery Center really dive into the creative, especially this week.

“We’ve been doing DIY, crafts and activities, from nature and from recycling. This week is our escape room camp. So the kids have been getting in touch with their creative side and coming up with story lines and props and puzzles,” said Discovery Center Summer Camps Lead Teacher, Quinn Beam.

Each child is getting the chance to create their own escape room, with some coming up with super unique ideas.

“I’m in the underwater one, which is called Subnautica, which is based off a real game. It’s a fun game where you pop out in the ocean but it’s like not on your world,” said Chenango Bridge 4th grader Cadden Bruns.

For those not familiar with the escape room concept, think of it as a giant puzzle needing to be solved in order to leave that room.

“There could be clues scattered around the room to try to figure out the riddles. Basically there’s always just one escape, one exit route,” said Beam.

Allowing each creator to come up with their own theme and story line is what really got everyone excited.

“The first day we came in and I told them, you know, I sat them down and was like you have to come up with your story lines. They were like, I have so many ideas already,” said Beam.

After nearly a week of hard work, some secrets will be kept until the big reveal, despite efforts to find out sooner.

“There is a little twist, with Spongebob in it. Yep, the surprise is going to be on Friday,” said Bruns.

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