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The Kevin Boles Story

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — This past offseason, Rumble Ponies manager Kevin Boles was faced with a tough decision. After 11 years managing in the Red Sox organization, he decided to step away and join the Mets, ultimately landing here in Binghamton. Just four months into the gig, Boles has left a lasting impression on his team.

“I think it was great that I struggled as a professional, because I realized how hard this is. Once I got done playing, I’ve never missed it, one day,” said Kevin Boles.

Feel. It’s not something every manager has. But it’s what makes Rumble Ponies skipper Kevin Boles…

“One of the best.”

“He’s definitely one of the best managers I’ve ever had.”

“He is one of the best managers you could have.”

After playing professional baseball didn’t work out, Boles decided to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“He was a farm director and field coordinator for thirteen years. And then when he became a major league manager, I just knew that was something I wanted to do,” said Boles.

Twenty years, six organizations, and one simple piece of advice from his father.

“He was disciplined, but he was fair. Even if he didn’t like the message you were sending, he respected it. He was 100 percent honest, and I’ve always tried to follow that.”

Has made Kevin Boles one of the most respected managers in the league.

“What’s awesome about his coaching is he kind of lets us play. So a lot of times, coaches kind of over micro manage, so he lets us go, lets us have fun,” said Ponies infielder Mike Paez.

“Definitely a players coach, he keeps it loose, he gives us confidence, a coach you want to have behind you and it helps you get behind him as well,” said Ponies pitcher Stephen Villines.

“He’s always supporting us and he never gives up. He knows when to step in but he also knows when to let us go out there and do our job and play the game,” said Ponies pitcher Dave Peterson.


“If they make a mistake, they’re going to be held accountable for it,” said Boles.


“Trying to make these guys understand what’s at stake, And that they’re the next in line.”

And responsibility.

“There is an expectation and standard and to be winning players.”

The three pillars that Kevin Boles instills among the Rumble Ponies.

“I think these players understand that we have their best interest at heart, and it’s all about them. It’s about getting them to the big leagues,” said Boles.

And while the skipper shares a similar goal for himself,

“World series champion, major league manager. No doubt.”

His focus is right here in RumbleTown.

“It’s a blessing to be here. It really is. And it’s an honor, but yeah we’re trying to get a world series championship here, with the Mets. So we’re doing everything here to get these players rolling.”

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