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Go Bowling at the Glen: A sit down with Michael Printup

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Go Bowling at the Glen weekend is here. 12 Sports Director Nicole Menner sat down with Watkins Glen International President, Michael Printup.

On what fans can expect this weekend:

“Wild, crazy, awesome racing and a great setting,” said Printup. You know, there’s all kinds of racing. There’s three different races. A race Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The party is Sunday, but the party is all night. But it’s, you know we have racing on Friday, the Xfinity series racing on Saturday, and all the big boys come on Sunday.”

On the the potential of 2018 winner Chase Elliot to win it back-to-back.

“A long time, seven years I think for back-to-back .I think Tony Stewart may have been one of the last ones. But Chase is the son of BIll Elliot, famous Nascar driver. Chase pulled off his first win as you mentioned last year, ever. G lad it happened at the Glen. We hope he can repeat, Chase is a popular guy, I mean Chase is a favorite.”

On the excitement of a close finish:

“Oh my gosh, we’ve had some of the best finishes up there.You know Chase ran out of gas before he could get back around. He crossed the finish line made it about halfway through and they had to push him the rest of the way. So that’s the kind of exciting race that you’re pushing the envelope all the time,
it’s just so exciting to watch these guys.”

On the activities beginning tomorrow:

“Yes starting tomorrow, we begin with qualifying and practice. Xfinity will also practice tomorrow and qualify for Saturday’s race. Friday night we kick it off with the concert. we have a great infield concert, it’s free to everybody, And then Saturday we start with the Xfinity practice qualifying, the cup guys come back out, and then we roll into the big show Sunday with the Go Bowling.”

Go Bowling at the Glen is Sunday, August 4 at 3 p.m.

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