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Local labor unions speaking out against potential apprenticeship rule change

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Area labor unions are speaking out against proposed apprenticeship rule changes.

Put forth by the Department of Labor earlier this summer, the proposal would be a first step in creating industry-regulated apprenticeship programs.

Local labor leaders joined Congressman Anthony Brindisi late Monday morning in Binghamton to announce their opposition to the proposal. They say the new proposal would “undercut” the current apprenticeship system, and would not provide the same level of oversight or training.

Congressman Brindisi said he stands with local labor leaders, and hopes to stop the plan from passing.

“Apprenticeship programs are a good thing, and they can lead to good paying careers, but we want to make sure that they’re properly certified by the various state organizations. Like here in New York, the New York State Department of Labor, to oversee and make sure they’re providing a quality program and creating good workers,” Brindisi noted.

Additionally, Congressman Brindisi said the new proposal could open the door to fraudulent and scam apprenticeship programs, which he says could defraud veterans of their G.I. bill benefits.

“If this administration rule is allowed to go forward, someday we could see veterans getting scammed out of their G.I. bill benefits, for fake apprenticeship programs. As our veterans try to find work, we don’t need scam apprenticeship programs giving them false hope or even worse, taking their benefits and not delivering on promises,” added Brindisi.


WBNG Staff

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