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DA’s office encouraging child sex victims looking for justice to come forward

BROOME COUNTY (WBNG) — Under a new Child Victim’s Act, child sex abuse victims in New York can now seek civil action for abuse no matter how long ago it happened.

The new law takes effect August 13. Under the current law, District Attorney Steve Cornwell says a victim has one to three years to bring a lawsuit forward.

This new provision changes that, creating a one year window for victims to seek legal action. “Now for the next year anyone who is a victim of a sex crime has one year to file a civil case and that would be for damages, money damages for the injuries that were caused to them by the perpertrator,” said Cornwell.

Under this new Child Victim’s Act anyone under the age of 55 can seek a civil suit no matter how long ago the alleged abuse took place.

Chloe Vincente

Chloe Vincente is an Evening News Anchor at 12 News.

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