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Hometown Heroes: Nursing Assistant at Guthrie Saves Man in Parking Lot

Earlier this spring, a Guthrie nursing assistant was honored after she saved a man’s life by performing CPR.
We’re honoring Judy Rosencrance as our Hometown Hero.

In the spring, Judy Rosencrance says she was on her lunch break in the parking lot of a local grocery store. She saw 85-year-old Thomas Myers in need of assistance after she saw him standing by a vehicle and then seeing movement underneath it.

Judy says she ran up and he was gasping for air, then she started administering CPR and someone called 911.

Later, she was able to meet Myers in the emergency room and he was doing fine. He thanked her. She says she still keeps in touch with his daughters and he is still doing well.

She credits all the people who helped and that she was not the only one there helping.

You can learn more about Guthrie online.

Guthrie is comprised of a research institute, home care/hospice and hospitals in Sayre, Towand and Troy in Pennsylvania and Corning and Cortland in New York.

Kara Conrad

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