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Local woman using historic battle to keep her neighborhood alive

TUNNEL (WBNG) — A woman in the hamlet of Tunnel is working to keep her area alive by remembering a moment in history.

Pamela Brown points out that in Tunnel, one of the only things left is the local post office. In an effort to keep her area alive, she’s using a moment in history as the crutch.

Brown says back on August 10, 1869, a fight between two competing railroad groups broke out by the nearby train tracks, all to settle ownership rights to a rail line running from Albany to Binghamton.

She says those involved used everything from rocks to bricks to shovels, but the battle that was mostly yelling.

After a day and a half, the New York State militia broke up the groups and the argument was settled in court.

Now, Brown is hosting a celebration for the 150th anniversary of the battle, hoping the small moment years ago can preserve history.

“If you don’t teach the children, it’s not going to go on,” she says.

Preserving not only history, but the hamlet of Tunnel, itself.

“We do need to keep Tunnel on the map, otherwise the post office is going to disappear, because that’s the only thing left.”

The commemorative event for the battle’s anniversary is Friday August 9 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. on 688 Tunnel Road in Tunnel.

Money raised at the event will fund different community projects.

Julia Gorman

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