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Apples looking ‘red-delicious’ for picking at Apple Hills

TOWN OF CHENANGO (WBNG) — While many of us are soaking up the last bit of summer vacation, one farm is shaping up for the apple picking season.

Co-owner of Apple Hills Dave Johnson says, “the apples are sizing up nice.”

He credits the quality crop to the lack of extreme weather this year, saying the apples like normal weather.

Picking is set to begin at the farm in just a few weeks, around the end of August.

As long as we continue to avoid any extreme weather, he says the season looks to be a ripe one, with his biggest worry being any potential hail.

“That changes everything in five minutes, from potential to disaster,” says Johnson.

While the crop is tough and hail doesn’t hurt it, he says it does make them look a little funny. This can cause customer concern with some deterred by the appearance, but he assures the apples would be just fine to eat.

Another possible issue is serious rain, making picking inconvenient with muddy fields and parking.

For now, Johnson hopes everything stays calm, saying, “our goal is to have people come up and enjoy themselves.”

Because before you know it, “get out with the family before winter time comes.”

Julia Gorman

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