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84th Annual Czechoslovak Festival celebrates culture

KIRKWOOD (WBNG) — The Czechoslovak Festival brought hundreds out to enjoy the nice weather, as well as music and food.

The festival featured a variety of food, with organizers saying that it’s a reminder of their heritage.

“Holupky is you take a cabbage and you put meat and rice inside, and you bake it. It has a nice tomato base sauce. It’s just something I grew up with, it’s just a lovely comfort food for me,” said Michael Mrva, a member of the Czechoslovak Moravan club.

Organizers say the festival is all about sharing their culture with others who may not know much about it.

“I love to promote my heritage. All my kids are involved in it, all my grand kids, family are out here working too. It’s nice perpetuating that heritage, I’m proud of it, my whole family is,” said Joe Vrablic, a member of the club.

Donations to the festival go toward the club, to host more culture and heritage events.

Katie Jones

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