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Fuddy Duddy’s gets new owners

OWEGO (WBNG) — A local sugary stalwart of the community is under new ownership, so longtime customers will still be able to find their favorite treats.

The new owners of Fuddy Duddy’s, the Cruty’s, say you have nothing to worry about.

“We heard about this opportunity like you hear any news in a small community, sitting in the barber chair across the street. Next thing you know I see a story on Channel 12 News that the business was for sale,” said Fuddy Duddy’s new owner, Steve Cruty.

But after buying Fuddy Duddy’s, Steve Cruty and his wife have a new outlook on life.

“Feels like a kid in a candy store,” he said. “After working in the corporate world for most of my career.”

The Cruty’s don’t plan on messing with a winning formula, either.

“Fuddy Duddy’s has a 25 year history of loyal customers, we understand why they love our store, make sure we don’t rock that boat,” said Cruty.

But even still, they plan on adding a few of their own secret ingredients.

“We are gonna be introducing a lot of new products, some cosmetic changes, a lot of new surprises,” he said. “One of our plans is to recreate a turn of the century general and candy store. These are sodas from some as far back as the 1800s.”

Cruty also recognizes the challenges of the 21st century business environment.

“We ‘re going to be improving our e-commerce platforms, mobile shopping, these are some additional ways we’re looking to built the business in the future,” said Cruty. “We’re not a big box store. We want to get as close to our customers as we can, give them the products they want, and make it as high a quality as possible.”

The new owners say they are ensuring everyone’s sweet tooth is satisfied.


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