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City of Binghamton starting new sticker system to ensure proper recycling

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The City of Binghamton is implementing a new sticker system to kick a common recycling problem to the curb.

Deputy Commissioner of Public Works Mark Donovan says too often single-use plastic bags are put in city recycling bins to be picked up.

The bags can’t be recycled at the private facility used by the city, so workers spend time trying to sort them out by hand.

If loads arrive at the facility and too many bags are still mixed in, the facility won’t take them and city crews have to spend time taking the loads to a landfill.

Now with a new sticker system, the city is hoping to fix this issue.

Courtesy: Mark Donovan

If there are single-use plastic bags in your bin, you’ll get marked with this green warning sticker.

“It’s a warning to let you know that you need to separate out the plastics and not put the non-recyclables in the recycle tub,” explains Donovan.

Crews will leave your bin at the curb and you’ll have the chance to re-sort and get your recyclables picked up next time.

Donovan says repairs at the private facility used by the city have cost thousands of dollars and if we were to lose privileges at that facility, we’d be forced to take items all the way to Cortland.


He says you can put your plastic bags in the trash, or they can be recycled at places like Wegman’s and Price Chopper.

You can also reach out the department here with any questions.

Julia Gorman

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