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Swimming in toxic algae is potentially deadly for dogs

(WBNG/CBS) — Pet owners across the country are being warned about a potentially deadly blue-green algae. Three dogs in North Carolina died last week after swimming in a pond that had algae blooms.

Abby, Izzy and Harpo meant the world to their owners Denise Mintz and Melissa Martin. They did everything together. If they took one, they took all three. But after taking their dogs to play at a Wilmington, North Carolina pond, the joy shattered in just minutes. Denise brought the dogs upstairs for a bath, and she started yelling that something was wrong with Abby.

The dogs started to have seizures, so they rushed them to the vet, less than five hours later, all three dogs were dead. “They just needed to cross that rainbow bridge together, as the trio that they were.”

The animals were poisoned by something lurking in the water a microscopic bacteria called blue-green algae. It mostly infests waters when the weather is warm and releases toxins that can cause liver damage, respiratory paralysis, organ failure, among other deadly conditions.

In recent weeks, several dogs have been poisoned across the South. This Australian Shepard named Fina, died less than a hour after ingesting toxic algae in the Guadalupe river outside Austin. In Marietta Georgia, this border collie, Arya suffered the same heart-breaking fate.

Dogs and children are said to be the most likely to ingest the toxins while swimming.

Abby, Izzy, and Harpo’s owners set up a fundraiser to purchase signs and put them in front of contaminated water.

CBS News

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