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Local program provides help to community members who need it

CHENANGO (WBNG) – Local officials are touting the success of new work initiative.

The Clean Sweep program began back in March, and since then it has provided dozens of people with public assistance with valuable work skills.

People taking part in the program team up to complete a variety of community service projects, such as cleaning river banks, picking up trash in the streets, even cleaning local parks and public areas.

The program’s coordinator, John Mitchell, says it feels good to help those who need it.

“It’s very gratifying. It’s very gratifying knowing that you were able to help somebody that was in a predicament where they couldn’t help themselves,” said Mitchell. “That’s really, it’s gratifying.”

Many people who have taken part in Clean Sweep have gone on to the Broome Tioga Workforce Opportunity Impact program.

That program allows them to secure full-time jobs.

Cal Dymowski

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