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New pavilion at Maine Memorial to help protect against sun exposure

TOWN OF MAINE (WBNG) — Maine Memorial students will have it made in the shade all thanks to a new pavilion.

“Summer months are not just June, July, and August. When we come back in September, September is usually a pretty hot month as well. And the kids are running around, they do need a little bit of a break to
get out of the heat and out of the sun,” said Maine Memorial principal Linda Kelly.

The structure is located near the school’s playground and will provide cover from sun exposure and aid in skin cancer prevention.

“The Spartans are shining with sun safety,” said Broome County Health Department educator Mary McFadden.

The pavilion was made possible with the help of a grant awarded to the Broome County Health Department. The grant is meant to aid in skin cancer prevention in the community, while promoting sun safety policies, practices and environmental changes.

“I think it’s so important with the rate of skin cancer increasing, and it’s known that it starts when you’re young, so preventing that sun damage needs to start at this age versus when you’re an adult,” said Kelly.

“We know health and academics go hand-in-hand and the better quality of life a student has, the better achievement they will have in the future,” said McFadden.

Not only is the gazebo protecting kids from the sun’s rays, it’s also keeping them cool when the playground gets a little too intense.

“They might go over and sit for just a couple of minutes, rejuvenate and head right back out,” said Kelly.

And it will even serve a purpose when cooler weather rolls around.

“Kids, maybe, they don’t have somebody to play with at that moment, they can go sit and then somebody will come over and ask them to play, so hopefully it will bring the school community together as well,” said Kelly.

Kelly says the pavilion is for the community to use as well.

According to the health department, the total cost was around $9,300.


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