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A variety of food options are available at the Dick’s Open

ENDICOTT (WBNG) — If you head out to En-Joie, your going to get hungry, so why not try out some local favorites.

Before golfers teed off, food vendors were preparing for the first day of the open. If you are wandering around the Dick’s Open this weekend and get hungry, the Nineteenth Hole Bar and Grill has got you covered, and it isn’t hard to find.

“As soon as you walk in you see us, we’re the first place people see for food and drinks so people see us right away and we’re under the tent so if it does rain everyone crowds us,” grill employee Lindsay Osman said.

She says they stay very busy, “for lunch we have a BBQ beef sandwich. We have hot dogs, Italian sausages and peppers and we also have the Philly cheesesteaks.”

And in the event of a rainy day on the green, you don’t have to worry about getting wet while you enjoy your food. “We’re under the tent so if it does rain you can stay nice and dry,” Osman said.

And whether you are coming from the bleachers or off the green, you can get all of the classics from breakfast right on through lunch.

There will be many other favorites at the Dick’s Open as well, including spiedies, pizza, and even ice cream.

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