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AKC Hickories Circuit Dog Show brings hundreds of dogs

APALACHIN (WBNG) — The AKC Hickories Circuit Dog Show brought nearly 500 dogs to Apalachin, with 125 breeds represented.

Over the course of four days, dogs will be judged on standards that are set for each specific breed.

“Each breed has a set of rules that they’re supposed to look like. They should conform to this. Each judge is knowledgeable of the breeds they are judging, and they should know the standards,” said Sue Tong, the Susque-Nango Kennel Club show chairperson.

For dogs like Drew, a Belgian Tervuren, it’s just another day at the paw-ffice.

“He has a herding title. He has obedience, rally obedience, agility, coursing ability test, fast catch, and he’s a therapy dog,” said Drew’s owner, Patti Murphy.

Murphy says she spends five days a week training and working with Drew, and says his breed constantly needs to be worked with.

For other breeds, like the Tibetan Terrier, maintaining their long fur coats is extremely important. Some owners at the competition say they can spend up to three hours grooming and preparing the dog for show.

All owners can agree though, that the sport is in their bloodline.

“You share the same problems, issues, talk to the same language, it’s wonderful,” said Tong.

Katie Jones

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