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Law enforcement increases security for DICK’s Open weekend

ENDICOTT (WBNG) – As thousands of people crowded En-Joie Golf Course Friday night for the Keith Urban concert, law enforcement was on high alert to make sure everything went off without a hitch.
Endicott Police Chief Patrick Garey says safety was their biggest priority throughout the tournament.
“Tonight is the biggest event in Broome County all year long and we are going to have the biggest influx of people coming in,” said Garey.
Garey says the increase in mass shootings at festivals across the country prompted police to increase patrols and change security protocols at the DICK’s Open tournament.
“Today’s day in age with many of the incidents we have going on around the country. We have to step up security and be consistent with venues across the country to keep the concert goers and golf viewers safe,” said Garey.
One change includes the way concertgoers and volunteers enter the venue.
 “In the past where maybe we allow volunteers to come in without getting checked. That doesn’t happen anymore. Everybody coming in gets checked they pass through a metal detector so everyone is vetted,” said Garey. “Something that is new this year is in year’s past only concert night people past through metal detectors. Now it’s everyday of the tournament people will be passing through metal detectors.”
Officials say there is no tolerance for at sharp objects, knives or weapons at the tournament.
“This is all about their safety. We understand that everyone walks in here with a knife or people have permits to carry guns may not be a danger, however, we cannot allow that exception for anyone,” said Garey.
Garey reminds anyone attending the tournament to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity.
“Very very important if you see something say something, we want to get a call right away.. our job here is to make sure everybody comes here and has a good time at the DICK’s Sporting Goods Open and the Keith Urban concert and then after that it’s get everybody out here safely,” said Garey.
Garey says the Endicott Police Department is being assisted by eight different law enforcement agencies during the tournament.

Tyler Brown

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