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Santana, Doobie Brothers highlight Bethel Woods concerts celebrating Woodstock’s 50th anniversary

BETHEL (WBNG) — It was the spark that created a generation and 50 years later, Woodstock has remained one of the defining cultural moments in American history.

For those that were there and the people jealous of those people, Woodstock was a moment in time unlike any other.

“Well I was 15 years old, and I came with a friend and her mother, and a foreign exchange student from Ethiopia,” said Irene Gravina of Bedford, Massachusetts. “I think it was unknown. Like nobody expected it be as huge as it was.”

It’s partly the music of rock legends like Carlos Santana that drove people to Bethel, but even more important than the music, it was the spirit of those three days in the mud that has remained so alluring.

“We grew up with that music and we listen to that music every day…the music is timeless,” said Gil Wright, of Hope, New Jersey.

50 years later, they’re still jamming out to the same tunes, but these people think you can learn a lot of lessons from the original Woodstock, because in our society, there’s always more room for peace and love.

“Everyone lit their matches or their lighters, and the whole place lit up, and we were like oh my god!” Gravina said with a smile.

Josh Rosenblatt

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