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Binghamton celebrates history on National Aviation Day

(WBNG) — It’s National Aviation Day! Before taking off, you may be surprised to learn that Binghamton played in key role in the development of modern air travel.

Edwin Link, an American inventor, is responsible for creating the flight simulator, which has helped trained pilots and astronauts all around the world.

“The Link Piano Company was making Nickelodeons and they had these automatic bellows. Ed Link was sitting on the bellows in his father’s factory. Someone said a joke, and he laughed and he said, ‘that felt like flying,'” said Susan Sherwood of TechWorks!

Link went on to take apart a Nickelodeon and reconstruct it into the first flight trainer.

If flying is a hobby you’d consider taking on, local pilots say it’s not difficult.

“A lot of people think learning to fly is a difficult thing, and it is a big commitment. It does take a bit of time, but it’s really not that hard,” said Doug Goodrich, owner of Goodrich Aviation in Binghamton.

Goodrich and his fellow pilots frequently work with new flyers, and spend a lot of time in the skies.

“It’s neat seeing a different perspective of the earth, the clouds, just looking out the window,” said Goodrich.

National Aviation Day was created in 1939 by Former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He established it on August 19, in honor of Orville Wright’s birthday.

Katie Jones

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