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Binghamton’s youth football team receives $10,000 and advice from New York Giants

(WBNG) — Binghamton’s youth football team, the Patriots, got the practice of a lifetime at MetLife Stadium and it came with a surprise of one big check.

The Binghamton Patriots practice at Recreation Park for their usual routine, but on Friday, August 16, the team went a little further to play some football.

“The New York Giants did an outreach program where they sent players to area cities and into schools to talk to kids about football to try to raise numbers in New York State and they picked Binghamton as one of those stops,” said Binghamton’s Youth Program Director, Ryan McManus.

The team was chosen to visit MetLife Stadium where they got to see the players warm up and even play a pre-season game with thousands of fans in the stadium.

“The players were like, ‘There’s a girl on the team, that’s what I like!'” said 10-year-old Binghamton youth football player, Madyson Wilbur.

“The look in the eyes of the kids as the players were talking with them and shaking their hands and to see how big their eyes got…the smiles on their faces is something I’ll never forget, and I’m sure they’ll never forget either,” said McManus.

While the true gift was meeting the players, the New York Giants took it it to a new level, presenting the team with a $10,000 check to help pay for new equipment.

In the meantime, the pros offered their own advice of being a truly good football player.

“The players told us that football is about teamwork,” said 11-year-old team member, Jordan Tran. “It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about teamwork.”

The team’s players say they are excited for this year’s season and are going to work hard to keep their grades up to stay on the team.

Anne Sparaco

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