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DOT seeking public opinion on traffic improvements in Dickinson

WBNG (DICKINSON) — The New York State Department of Transportation is looking to improve traffic in the Dickinson area. Tuesday night, a public information meeting was held to hear comments from residents the project would affect.

The proposed plans include the replacement of the Route 11 bridge over 1-81.

According to the DOT, the bridge is safe to travel, but is not up to required standards and has more than 10 times as many accidents as the statewide average for similar traffic locations. They say replacing the bridge is the most cost-effective solution to addressing those problems.

Also proposed is the installation of two roundabouts. They would replace the current traffic light intersections on the opposite sides of the bridge both by the on and off ramps for I-81.

The DOT is looking for the public’s opinion on whether the roundabouts would be beneficial, or to keep the traffic lights.

“People who drive this intersection every day probably have a first-hand knowledge of the good things that are occurring and maybe things that could be improved,” says Nicolas Choubah, Binghamton Regional Director for NYS DOT. “So hopefully tonight we will hear that from them and that will factor into our decision moving forward.”

Residents are concerned about safety at these roundabouts, especially during peak traffic hours.

DOT officials say this plan would increase safety for cars and pedestrians at the intersections while improving traffic flow.

They hope to come to a decision by the end of the year and to begin construction in 2021.

Anne Sparaco

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