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Missing New Milford horse located

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NEW MILFORD, P.A. (WBNG) — A local horse owner is asking the public for help after one of her horses escaped and has been missing for over 24 hours.

On Monday morning, around 7:30 a.m., Megan Shupp’s horses, Bailey and Bindy, escaped their enclosure. Bailey, a light brown Palomino, was located later in the day, but Bindy, a black quarter horse, is still missing.

“She’s got a white little mark on her nose and her two hind legs. She’s probably extremely scared and timid at this point,” said Shupp.

Shupp says she’s spent all day and night looking for Bindy, but the last sighting of her was on Monday around noon via a trail camera.

“We’re just all scared for her, and we’re very heartbroken that she did take off. We’re just hoping to get her back as soon as possible,” said Shupp.

According to Shupp, Bailey was located nearly 13 miles away from home, but Bindy was nowhere to be found.

“There’s a lot of wooded areas, but there’s also a lot of farms too. There’s a lot of fields that have cows or horses, or some kind of animal in them. There’s a chance she could have been drawn to one of them somewhere, and we’re hoping that’s the case and that she’s not just wandering around somewhere,” said Shupp.

Shupp is now organizing a search team, to bring her beloved horse home. If you have a horse or are willing to hike, please contact Megan at

If you do locate Bindy, Shupp says that she is a vocal horse and may respond to her name or the sight of other horses. Please call Pennsylvania or New York State Police with any information or sighting.

Katie Jones

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