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Fast-acting Tioga Downs employee saves Johnson City man’s life

SAYRE, P.A. (WBNG) — One man is saying thank you after quick thinking ultimately saved his life.

Gary Crandell of Johnson City was in the poker room at Tioga Downs Casino Resort August 9TH when he suffered what doctors describe as a lethal arrhythmia, a potentially fatal heart attack.

Doctors say Crandell was medically deceased for two to five minutes. Thankfully, the quick action of nearby Tioga Downs employees allowed him a second chance at life.

“People there realized that something was wrong,” said Crandell. “Stephen Green, the employee of the casino came over with a defibrillator shocked me back to my heart beating again, and basically saved my life.”

Crandell said he was extremely grateful to be alive and plans to spend more time with family.

Doctors said it took extraordinary circumstances for Crandell to avoid extreme brain damage or death.

“The stars sort of aligned for him in a worst-case scenario, and when we think about EMS systems, and health systems, this would be our ideal of how a cardiac arrest situation would happen,” said Dr. Beth Linkenhile, an emergency physician in Robert Packer Hospital’s ER.

Josh Rosenblatt

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