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Broome County Jail Re-entry programs helping inmates transition into society

TOWN OF DICKINSON (WBNG) — For many who go to jail, its often not the first time. Once they serve their time and are released, it’s a vicious cycle.

That’s why the Broome County Jail and the Southern Tier Aids Program partner to run jail re-entry programs.

“What these programs are doing are helping them identify what got them here and how to not do that anymore,” said Lt. Scott Noyes with the Broome County Sheriff’s Office.

The services and classes help inmates transition to the outside world and provide resources for success.

Now in place for about eight months, those who run it say it’s not only benefiting inmates.

“Economically the program is saving the county hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years which we’ve done with the prison program in place, but when we can help an individual get a job they’re now on the tax rolls the amount of social services they’re receiving is being reduced because they’re now self sustaining,” said Broome County Director of Re-entry Services Jeff Pryor.

David Goss is a former inmate jailed for petit larceny. He says the services are making all the difference for him.

“I got in a little trouble and had to come to the jail and the re-entry program taught me to change my ways of thinking to stay away from bad situations,” said Goss.

The re-entry programs are six to eight weeks long. They started about eight months ago and officials from the jail and STAP say they’re already seeing success stories.

Chloe Vincente

Chloe Vincente is an Evening News Anchor at 12 News.

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