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Tioga – 12 Sports Preseason Playbook

TIOGA (WBNG) — “A lot will show in these first two weeks of preseason. What it’s gonna take though, is physical and mental toughness,” said coach Nick Aiello.

Tioga football came up just a bit short last season in states, but the Tigers have one advantage that most schools across Section IV don’t. Their core group, is still intact.

“It’s that senior leadership that really carries every team you have, so what we get out of the seniors and them being leaders is really going to tell a lot about this team,” said coach.

The team will return their quarterback, Brady Worthing who is starting his third season under center.

“Makes it a lot easier, knowing to run the plays easier, make the adjustments,” said Brady Worthing.

“You know, Brady, he’s returning at the quarterback spot and I expect him to be a big leader for us. And he really makes a presence on defense as well, but it’s that leadership roll he needs to fill,” said coach.

The Tiger’s offense is bolstered by a guy who made a name for himself his freshman season – Emmett Wood.

“We just need to be more sound with our technique, and so far I think we’ve go that because we’ve been doing everything this summer to get ready for this,” said Wood.

“You know he’s coming back for his sophomore year ,he had a big freshman year but we’re looking for him for some leadership too, and being a big force in the backfield for us,” said coach.

The standout running back says there’s a key difference between this year, and last.

“We’re already at least two weeks ahead of where we were last year,” said Wood.

And with Tioga in search of another class D title,

“It’s a really good feeling, lots of excitement, and you just want to hit the ground running and get ready for the upcoming, first game,” said coach.

They won’t settle for anything less.

And it all comes back to the physical and mental toughness coach is trying to instill.

“I think it’s there, I think we just need to get it out of them. And get them playing football the way we know it needs to be played,” said coach.

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