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Greene Dog Park welcomes dogs for first time

GREENE (WBNG) — The Greene Dog Park, a project that has been three years in the making, is finally opening its gates.

“Oh my gosh, it’s amazing! It’s amazing to see all this hard work come to play, and honestly, when you invite someone to your grand opening party, you’re not sure if anyone is going to show up,” said Wally Vanvoorhis, President of the Friends of Greene Dog Park.

According to Vanvoorhis, the dog park involved 275 man hours just building the enclosure. He says there were around 70 to 80 people volunteering with construction. The hard work though, isn’t over yet.

“There are upgrades we’re going to make to the park. Number one, so we have more grass to plant here, so we’re going to do that. We have a shelter that is going up, hopefully. We’ve got some trees we’re planning on planting up here,” said Vanvoorhis.

For the Friends of Greene Dog Park though, it’s all worth seeing your best friend smile.

“We’re the only dog park that has a mountain. We have our very own mountain here. All the other dog parks I’ve seen have been flat as a pancake, so we’ve decided to incorporate a nice hill so they can play king of the mountain,” said Vanvoorhis.

Katie Jones

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