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‘Suit Up’ sale helps BU students dress to impress

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) – Binghamton University teamed up with JCPenny at the Oakdale Mall for their fifth annual “Suit Up” event Sunday.

Hundreds of students took advantage of the sweet deals and variety of clothes so they can make that first impression that is important for that first job.

“First impression is so so critical,” said Denise Lorenzetti, the director of the Fleishman Career Center at Binghamton University. “So to be able to offer something like this where they can actually implement it is excellent.”

Employees at JCPenny say they love helping the students look their best for future job interviews.

“We have several different types of suits that’s designed to fit different body styles… shoes, belts, and ties to go along with it as well,” said the general manager for JCPenny in Johnson City, Mark Barnes. “Same with womens’ department. We have a lot of different apparel in there that’s designed to help the customer pull off the right look for an interview.”

A big bonus for the students and alumni was the cheap prices they could take advantage of.

“In addition to the sale prices we have going on this weekend. The students get a special discount. It’s 30 percent off those sale prices,” said Barnes.

“I’ve already spent hundreds on text books. Because I live in an apartment I have to spend my own money on food and everything. So it’s helping me save a lot of money,” said Yising Ao, a sophomore at BU.

Experts at the store were also on hand to help students find the dress clothes that best fit them.

“I have no idea how to shop for these things you know. So it was really helpful getting the measurements because I was definitely going to get a suit that was too big for me and look like a slob,” said Zirong Chan, a freshman at BU.

Students say they were grateful for the opportunity to dress to impress at an affordable rate.

“Having deals like this and having the school to organize an event for us students like this. It’s very valuable and shows that they care,” said Ao.

This was the first time that alumni could also take advantage of the sale.

BU officials tell me this is all to help students get ready for a big job fair they have coming up later this semester.

Tyler Brown

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