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Keeping your kids healthy through back to school

(WBNG) — Getting back into the school routine can be a whirlwind, but one local doctor says follow these tips to stay on top of your child’s health.

Dr. Arianne Borda, a local pediatrician says transitioning sleep-wise from summer vacation to school time can be difficult, so ease you child into a sleep routine one to two weeks before school starts.

“Giving them a quiet space for sleeping can really establish that routine,” she says.

Children ages 13 and younger should get at least ten to twelve hours of sleep and older than that should still get at least eight to ten hours.

“You can get back pain, strained muscles with extremely heavy backpacks.”

When it comes to backpack weight, she says it shouldn’t weight more than 10-20 percent of your child’s body weight.

For example, if your child is 80 pounds, their backpack should weigh between 8-16 pounds.

Borda says makes sure your children are using both straps on their backpacks, not just one. Plus, pay attention to backpack placement, she says the bottom of the pack should hit right at the waist.

She also stresses making sure students have a quality breakfast before school is possible, drink plenty of water and stray away from the soda.

Also, she says avoid the flu by getting your child vaccinated, saying, “there’s no hundred percent way to stop getting the flu, but when you are vaccinated you do reduce the chances of getting complications from the flu.”

To avoid spreading the sniffles, practice proper cough etiquette. This means coughing into the elbow, not the hands.

Finally, Dr. Borda brought up staying on top of your child’s mental health. She says parents should work to address and relieve children’s anxieties through the difficult transition that comes with starting school.

She recommends talking to your child’s doctor and teachers to make the jump from vacation to school as seamless as possible.

Julia Gorman

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