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Reshaping the Delaware: Walton’s latest fight against flooding

WALTON, N.Y. (WBNG) — A new project in Walton is set to retake control of the Delaware River from Mother Nature.

Due to weak soil along the river, the bank has eroded 10 feet over the past 20 years, leaving county officials little choice but to take drastic action. They have installed a 700 foot turbidity curtain in the river, designed to filted the dirty water out of the Delaware and allow for cleaner drinking water.

This is the second major project in the past year the Delaware County Soil and Water Conservation District has undertaken in the fight against flooding.

Officials just finished work on a soil reclamation project earlier this summer designed to relieve flooding along appropriately named Delaware Street. Now, their sights are set on reinforcing the riverbank, and they’re willing to take that extra step to protect the weak soil from eroding any further.

“The whole thing sits on about 45 feet of silt, so we have to really stabilize that bank using hard armoring, which is something typically our soil and water conservation district doesn’t do, but in this case was really needed,” said Graydon Dutcher, a stream expert for the conservation district. “We have to put sheet pile, and about 600 feet of it, into this bank to protect it.”

Officials say a lack of rain lately has benefited the project, and they have until September 30th to finish work for the year.

The $1.8M project is being financed through three different local, state, and federal funding sources.

Josh Rosenblatt

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