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Susquehanna SPCA breaks ground on new shelter

COOPERSTOWN (WBNG) — The Susquehanna SPCA is breaking ground on their new shelter, but they still need your help.

“The goal of our new shelter is actually to better the health and safety of our animals, not necessarily be able to house more at any give time, but hopefully it’ll be more efficient so we can hopefully move them in and out quicker, and serve more animals that way,” said Shelter Manager, Sara Haddad.

Some dogs at the shelter can spend months in a kennel. The new shelter will feature sound proofing for the dog kennels, and more privacy for high energy dogs. The SPCA says that making the dogs more comfortable will reduce stress greatly.

Now, the shelter needs your help.

“We’re at two million dollars right now, and we have one million to go of our three million dollar goal. We’re trying to get that as quickly as we can so we can get the building finalized, so the time is now if anyone is interested in donating,” said Haddad.

If you’d like to donate to the Susquehanna SPCA, visit their website.

Katie Jones

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