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Chenango Valley Warriors – Preseason Playbook

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — A new coach.

“I have a very high standard of where I want this team to be,” said first-year head coach Nick Sorrenti.

A new quarterback.

” I sat last year and I sat the year before, and I waited my turn,” said quarterback Kyle Westgate.

And a new motto.

“We have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable,” said Coach Sorrenti.

Chenango Valley football is ready to make a name for themselves.

“I think we’re going to surprise a lot of teams this year,” said Coach Sorrenti. “I think the kids believe that, and I think that’s what starts with everything. It’s gonna make it a lot easier to fire them up because they’re already convinced they’re gonna win every game.”

And that all begins with the new culture first year head coach Nick Sorrenti is bringing to the program.

“Coach Sorrenti sets a really high tone, on the field off the field, it’s a new intensity that he brings to the field, and it gets guys fired up every day,” said Westgate.

“We have a lot of motivation coming from coach, he really gets us going. To be able to get thirty plus guys in the weight room every morning before school, that’s hard to do and he pulled it off,” said running back Anthony Forbidussi.

Coming off a 3-6 season, the Warriors have their eyes set on their first section title, since 2011.

“I think somewhere along the line everyone started off as an underdog. Just gotta start off with the basics, start off with that culture, give them a philosophy, something to follow, lead by example,” said Coach Sorrenti.

Which is exactly what quarterback, Kyle Westgate has been doing.

“We got a lot of young guys. It’s a lot of juniors upcoming, and you know it’s just, you gotta take control of the team, be a leader and show somebody what it’s like to work,” said Westgate.

Westgate replaces captain Anthony Forbidussi, who’s found a new home in the backfield.

“I like it a lot better, more carries more touches it’s awesome,” said Forbidussi.

“And if their steps are off they come in, do the extra work that it takes,” said Coach Sorrenti.

Climbing up the ranks of section IV is a goal that begins during preseason.

“We just gotta keep moving forward, we can’t take steps down. especially in the beginning of the year. Every single thing we do, in the weight room off the field on the field, it has to be going up,” said Westgate.

And while Chenango Valley is looking to prove something, coach is keeping it simple.

“Right now, it’s high school football, and we’re trying to win some games,” said Coach Sorrenti.

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