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Details from inside a dramatic first day of testimony for Pica-Torres trial

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Testimony began Tuesday in Broome County Court for the trial involving Binghamton man, Wilfredo Pica-Torres.

Pica-Torres is the man indicted on charges of murder, arson and attempted murder in connection to the February attack and fire that left 61-year-old Victor Banayan dead and a 27-year-old woman badly beaten.

The crimes happened on Feb. 9. at 109 Walnut Street in Binghamton.

Pica-Torres previously pleaded not guilty to the above charges.

12 News spent the day inside the courtroom following the first day of testimony. The atmosphere inside included a lot of tears and at times was heated between parties.

Three witnesses took the stand Tuesday.

First, the daughter of the deceased, Victor Banayan, who sobbed throughout her testimony, saying the last time she saw her father was just about a week before he died.

The second and longest testimony was the woman left badly beaten after the incident back in February. It was established she had a relationship with both the defendant and the deceased. Her testimony became heated at times with the defense.

Finally, a supervisor from a local dispatch center testified. The courtroom heard a 9-1-1 call full of screams that was traced back to the time and date of the February incident.

On the benches of the courtroom, many were crying and consoling each other.

The trial continues Wednesday inside Broome County Court.

Julia Gorman

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