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Southern Tier Tuesdays: Kali’s Klubhouse at Fargnoli Farms

We are continuing our Southern Tier Tuesdays campaign and today Upstate Shredding is giving a $2,000 grant to Kali’s Klubhouse at Fargnoli Farms.

Throughout history horses have partnered with Kali’s Klubhouse to improve the way of life, on the farm, in the fields of battle, transportation and entertainment. At Kali’s Klubhouse the horses are proving to be useful aides in physical and emotional therapies. Many of the horses are rescues and they pay it forward by rescuing the humans in their care.

From Jessica Monk, a parent of a child says, “Kali’s Klubhouse has been life-changing for my 5-year-old son, Jonathan. Jonathan has Mosaic Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Apraxia of Speech. Through this program, he has experienced an incredible surge in communication. The cadence of the horse’s movements meets a host of his sensory needs, freeing him to express himself in multiple ways: verbally, by using speech-generating software, sign language, gestures, and facial expressions. When Jonathan is on the horse, his processing delay (that is generally quite obvious) is almost undetectable. He is tuned into his horse, the active yet peaceful farm, and the smiling volunteers. He has shown lasting interest in riding and has made beautiful connections with the wonderful folks at Kali’s Klubhouse. We are ecstatic about our son’s miraculous progress and are eager for people to know about the incredible work these folks are doing for our community.”

The grant will provide support to the following programming:

  • I Talk with Horses
  • I Walk with Horses
  • The 7 Keys to Success (Youth Empowerment through Equine Assisted Learning)

Kali’s Klubhouse at Fargnoli Farms is located on 4041 Pennsylvania Ave in Apalachin. You can find all the information about the organization online, on Facebook or by calling or texting (607) 427-3623. You can also email

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