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Storefronts on Front and Main streets will see improvements after ‘decades’ without restoration

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – Properties at the intersection of Front and Main streets are being rapidly restored as a slew of new storefronts are popping up.

Plans for restaurants, cafes, and even a rooftop bar are moving forward on the once rundown stretch of storefronts.

City Officials say some parts of the properties hadn’t been touched in nearly a century.

“Yeah these buildings, especially the upstairs, hadn’t been touched in decades. I think it’d be fair to say before Tokos construction got in here and really started cleaning this up and did some brilliant work, it was from probably the nineteen twenties or thirties in here,” said Director of Economic Development for the City of Binghamton Robert C. Murphy

Along with the new and improved properties, Peterson’s Tavern continues to expand. It has added a special events room and two new apartments on the second and third floors.

Dan Conklin

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