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Union-Endicott Tigers – 12 Sports Preseason Playbook

ENDICOTT (WBNG) – Our preseason playbook heads to Union-Endicott, the home of the Tigers. 12 Sports Reporter Jacob Seus caught up with Tigers head coach, Tommy Baleno.

We are almost a week away from the start of the season, how are the boys looking to far?

“It’s an exciting time, I mean the football Gods have been good to us, the weather this past week for doubles has been beautiful. Another great day today, we are fortunate to be on the turf and playing football the game that we love.”

You guys have been the team in this class the last decade, no secret, but you got dethroned by Vestal last year, what is the mentality coming into this year?

“Nothing changes for us, it is always work hard day in and day out. We know it doesn’t really matter who we line up across, we can control our own destiny so we have to play sound football, aggressive football and U-E Tiger football.”

Really strong senior class for you guys last year, those guys now off to college. Tell me about the guys that can step into those roles, maybe the sophomores and juniors that you expect to have a big year?

“We have a few freshman that came up that are second year players as sophomores. We have some sophomores that are now second year players as juniors and we have some seniors that have been playing. We have a young squad, we had a lot of seniors last year but we had a young squad right behind them. All of those guys have those years of experience, so it is going to be exciting to see what they can put together. Hopefully we can come out faster and more aggressive at the beginning of the season and carry that momentum throughout.”

Out here at practice you guys are wearing shirts that say “win the now” what do you preach to your team, what does “win the now” mean?

“Win the now, I think it really speaks for itself, live in the moment don’t worry about the past, don’t look forward to the future but live in the moment. Win the now, do the best that you can in that moment no matter what it is. If it is being a good teammate on the sideline, cheering for your teammates that are on the field or if it is correcting a mistake that you made on the field, mental or physical mistake, win the now is also being a good person at home.”

When the team takes the field Friday against Waverly what can they expect out of your Union-Endicott team?

“Hopefully the word that comes out of their mouth is relentless, no matter what, give it 100 percent, do it with passion, do it with aggressiveness, fly around the field and give everyone your best.”

Week one the Tigers taking on Waverly right here at Ty Cobb Field.

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