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Hundreds of credit union accounts compromised

(WBNG) — Hundreds of Sidney Federal Credit Union customers are asking for answers after a wave of fraudulent charges appeared on bank accounts over Labor Day weekend.

The charges, stem from a single ATM at the SFCU Walton branch. According to bank executives, a skimming device was placed inside the machine. Anyone who swiped their card at that ATM, had their information collected on the skimmer.

“We looked at everybody’s accounts, for if they had any fraudulent activity. We shut down the old ATM card, and issued a new one,” said Jim Reynolds, President and CEO of Sidney Federal Credit Union.

The Walton branch saw customers flowing in and out, all looking to get new debit cards.

“One has been issued, but they’re about 400 cards deep in the pit right now,” said Zach Mapes, a customer of the Walton branch.

According to the bank, most of the charges are coming from New York City. For some customers though, they saw charges from out of state.

“They called me from the fraud unit, and said they had a charge on my card from Maryland. They wanted to know if it was me,” said Jim Wright, a customer at the Walton branch.

The credit union said they opened on Labor Day, to help resolve the issue.

“We’re working with all our providers for our ATM, our card processor, looking at transactions outside the normal scope, and denying transactions that are a little suspicious,” said Reynolds.

Now, the bank is reporting a possibility of fraudulent charges at their Oneonta branch. It is unclear as to how many customers have been affected. As more reports come in though, customers are remaining positive.

“They’re quite good at taking care of this. I don’t think it’s specifically their fault. I think someone just got around the system, found a loop hole, and took advantage,” said Mapes.

Katie Jones

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